The children's ministry is led by Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce.  Their passion is for the kids to love Jesus and love church.  They run a fast paced multimedia program that focuses on worship, inspirational Bible teaching and fun.   Come join us.
Sundays 9am, 11am, 6pm | Wednesdays 7pm
Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce
What are the kids learning?
Need to know info:  
Sunday the 16th the kids will be performing Christmas songs with the adults at the start of BOTH first and second service.
-Please arrive by 8:45 am.
-Final FULL practice Sat Dec 15th 3:00pm - 4:00pm.
-Please have your child listen to the provided Music CD and     practice at home as much as possible.
-For the final practice and performance please wear 
  White, RED or GREEN. Please no black or brown t-shirts.
(This does not include Wednesday kids unless the also come on Sunday)

Wednesday the 19th-Christmas Jam. This will be a special Christmas service with music and games and jump houses.
- If able please bring a $1.00 gift for the gift exchange game.
            Dave - YES
What to expect at our kids church services:

Sundays for kids K-6th grade. 
(Nursery and Pre-school also provided)
9:00am      Next Level Kids Church, Great praise and worship, Bible lesson and games. Also this service 
                   we have Connect 56.  After worship time the 5th and 6th graders separate to a class for a                             special lesson geared for them.
11:00am    Next Level Kids Church repeats the 9:00am service with all the kids staying together.
6:00pm     Sunday Night Sunday School
                    Kids start with the adults for some worship, then are dismissed to class where they go deeper                        in learning about the main characters throughout the Bible. 6th graders join the youth Small                         Group in room 20 after worship.

Wednesday Night K-5th grade
(Nursery and Pre-school also provided)
7:00PM      Kid Jam, an upbeat kids church service that includes fun praise and worship, Bible lesson, 
                   activities and games. 6th graders join the 7th and 8th graders for junior high group.
Bus and vans running this wednesday?
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Sunday Morning
Say Thank you!
We are in a series The Art of Giving.  The teaching is about how God is our best example of how to give.  These lessons are based on Pastor Jim's lesson and outline to the adults.

Sunday Night Sunday School
 This service we go deeper into Bible characters.  We started in the old testament and are now going into greater details of what Jesus did and taught.

Wednesday Night Kid Jam
​An upbeat mid week kids church service.

K-5th grade.  Bus and vans are running.  We are learning how to know God, not just know about him.  With all the fun and silly Christmas movies out there, we will be learning about the real events and real peoples involved with the first Christmas.